Acacia Foundation

Compliance Requirement for NGOs

All NGOs registering at must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. The NGO must be registered as a trust or a society.
  2. It must have audited financial accounts and should be able to produce the audit reports when requested.
  3. It must provide 12A/80G/35AC/FCRA certificates on the donations received.
  4. The NGO should preferably have a functional website clearly stating its mission and vision.
  5. The NGO should preferably be accredited by an organisation which validates the NGOs for legitimacy and due dilligenge.(An example for such an organisation for accreditation would be Membership with Credibility Alliance:
  6. The NGO should have a governing board and should be able to produce resume/CV/biodata of key members when requested.
  7. The NGO should be able to produce latest annual report.

The Acacia Foundation interface for NGOs:the requisites

Once an NGO successfully registers at the following actions are required for using the acacia interface :

  1. NGOs should upload digital photographs of children.
  2. NGOs should create profiles of children on
  3. NGOs should regularly update the progress of the child(preferably every 3 months)
  4. NGOs should provide receipts, which can be used for tax exemption, on the complete amount received through acacia foundation which can be used for tax exemption.
  5. NGOs must respond to all the queries and mails from Acacia Foundation.

Essential Documents

  1. Registering NGOs must provide a proof of registration as a trust or a society.
  2. Registering NGOs must provide latest audited financial statement.
  3. Registering NGOs must provide 12A/80G/35AC/FCRA certificates to all donors on the full amount donated.
  4. Registering NGOs must provide resume/CV/biodata of key members in the governing body.
  5. Registering NGOs must provide the latest annual report.

Simple steps for NGO registration

  1. NGOs should register through the link "NGO registration" provided in the main menu on the homepage
  2. Acacia Foundation will contact you for verification of details provided by the NGO.
  3. NGO will get approved after scrutinization from Acacia Foundation.
  4. Once approved, the NGO is requested to upload profiles of children.
  5. Once an Acacian has donated funds for a child, the NGO will need to provide information on child's progress and details of channelization of expenditure to the Acacian regularly.