Acacia Foundation

1. What is Acacia Foundation and what is its purpose?

Acacia Foundation is a platform which strives to bridge the gap between the needs of the mentally and/or physically disabled children and the society’s will to help them. Our endeavour is to help these children by bringing them closer to the conscious and awakened citizens of today. We provide a common platform for hard working NGOs dedicated to bringing sanctity and respect to the lives of the special children. Read more about us.


2. Who is a person with disability?

A person with disability suffers from one or more of the following conditions as described in the Persons with Disability Act 1995: blindness, low visibility, leprosy cured, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation, mental illness. To know more read: Persons with Disability Act 1995 .


3. How does Acacia Foundation work?

Acacia Foundation provides the platform for NGOs to post profiles of special children expressing their needs. Individuals who wish to help the special children can do so by following the process explained in the link.

Acacia Foundation transfers the amount pledged by the visitor to the NGO which takes care of the child.

Acacia Foundation is purely a facilitator in all transactions between visitor to the website and the beneficiary NGO.


4. Does Acacia Foundation make profits?

No.Acacia Foundation works on a non-profit basis. It acts purely as a facilitator for all transactions between donor Acacians and NGOs.


5. Who can donate?

Anybody with a debit card or internet banking enabled account can donate. We accept donations in Indian Rupee only.


6. Can NRIs donate through ?

Yes, Non resident Indians can donate through All donations through this website should be in Indian currency.


7. Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, while donating you may choose to donate anonymously. Anonymous donations will not be reflected in your Acacian profile. If you choose to donate anonymously your profile will not be shown in the profile of the child to whom you have donated anonymously.


8. How will my donation support the concerned child?

The amount donated to a special child will be transferred through Acacia foundation to his/her caretaker NGO and will be used for the benefit of the child.


9. Are my financial transactions through secure?

Yes, all your transactions are made through a 128-bit VeriSign Secure Payment Gateway. CCAvenue (, one of the most reliable payment gateway service providers in India, processes your payments through For more information, please


10. Does the donor receive any receipt for tax benefit?

All donors receive tax benefit receipts(80G) on the donated amount from the caretaking NGO of the child chosen by the donor and to whom he/she has pledged monetary help.


11. What are tax-benefits under 80G?

If an NGO is registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act then the person making a donation to the NGO will get a deducted of 50% (of the donation made) from his/its taxable income. For more details, follow the link .


12. How will I receive the tax benefit receipt? How much time will it take for the receipt to reach the donor?

As soon as a donation is made through the donor will receive a system generated acknowledgement of the receipt. Acacia foundation will disburse your donation to the special child’s caretaking NGO within a week’s time. Once the said NGO receives the amount it will dispatch the tax benefit receipt to the donor within 7 days. Donors will get their receipts directly from the NGO to whom they have extended their support.


13. Does Acacia foundation share donors’ data with anyone else?

Your personal information is confidential and shared only with the non governmental organisation to which you intend to donate (i.e. the NGO which takes care of the special child supported by you). This is to enable the NGO to send you the tax benefit receipt and regular updates.


14. How much does Acacia Foundation charge for its services and why ?

Acacia Foundation is a non profit organization. It passes on 92% of the amount you donated to the caretaking NGO to provide for the child chosen by you. The remaining 8% mainly includes the charges of the payment gateway. Depending upon the mode of payment used by the donor, the payment gateway charges range from 4% to 7% of the donated amount. The remaining amount from this 8% is used to cover the operational costs incurred by Acacia Foundation, like charges of web hosting services, web development, creating awareness, reaching out to potential NGO partners as well as potential donors, etc.


15. Who creates the profiles of the special children at

Partner NGOs of Acacia Foundation create the profiles of the special children for whom they need help. Acacia Foundation provides technical help in the process of data upload.


16. What is FCRA?

Please follow the link to know about FCRA .