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Acacia Foundation strives to ensure that all information provided by users, donors/Acacians , NGO representatives are correct to the best of its knowledge and belief. Any liability arising out of inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete information on the website shall not be borne by the Acacia Foundation.

Acacia Foundation holds that the terms of governmental regulations, accreditation and auditing procedures are binding for all member NGOs.

Acacia Foundation shall act purely as a facilitator for all transactions between the visitors and NGOs. It is indemnified from any loss or liability, legal or otherwise, occurring due to any omission, error, delay or otherwise. Visitors also acknowledge that visiting this site is an implicit acceptance of this disclaimer on their part.

Acacia Foundation shall make efforts that the donors are provided with tax exemption certificates and feedback reports within reasonable time limits. Acacia Foundation reserves the right to take action, as it deems to be fit, against any act of non-compliance by an NGO, which may result in withdrawal of the NGO from Acacia Foundation stands indemnified from any liability or loss arising from non-compliance by NGOs.

Acacia Foundation shall ,to the best of its ability, protect and preserve relevant data. It shall not be held liable for any loss of data due to natural calamities, technical failures or due to reasons beyond its control.