Acacia Foundation

Acacia is a platform which strives to bridge the gap between the needs of the mentally and/or physically challenged children and the society’s will to help them. Our endeavor is to help these children by bringing them closer to the conscious and awakened citizens of today. We provide a common platform for hard working NGOs dedicated to bringing sanctity and respect to the lives of the differently-abled children.

India is home to approximately 32 million physically and/or mentally challenged children below 14years of age. Disability is still seen as an act of fate, a part of “Karma” in our country. This further hampers the progress which otherwise could have been achieved for the betterment of the special children. 90% of the disabled children are not fortunate enough to receive any education. Poor health, poor hygiene, and social apathy are only a few of the several difficulties faced by these children. We, at Acacia, strive to be a link between dedicated NGO’s and individuals who feel strongly for the cause of better life for the physically and/or mentally disabled children.

We recognize that there is no dearth of people who genuinely want to help the differently-abled children but the fact remains that their needs are far more than the assistance they get. A challenged child not only requires the basics of food, clothing, shelter and education but also the skills and training to live a respectable life on his own. One of the biggest hurdles in getting help for differently-abled children is the lack of personal connect. Acacia addresses these issues by being a portal where one can see and feel the pressing needs of these children and contribute to their well being. This portal has detailed profiles of children, their requirements and the NGOs they are associated with.

Acacia itself does not provide for children or NGOs. It facilitates easy and timely flow of much required monetary help from awakened and empathetic individuals who care for the needs of the special children. NGO partners of Acacia are chosen with caution, they follow mandatory auditing processes and have a proven track record. Every child on Acacia needs your assistance to be what he/she wants to be. Every child is special, we need to nurture their dreams specially. Lend your hand to a child and help him walk the sky.